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Finding a Food Supplier

Finding the perfect boot supplier is very important. I know this because when I was planning a big event to celebrate grandmas birthday, I had to find out as much as I could about food suppliers and the services they can provide. Thankfully my friend Phil was able to recommend a good supplier he had used in the past. When I gave them a call, the food supplier was really helpful and gave me all the information and advice I needed about the type of foods they could supply. I hope you find the articles on this blog enjoyable and interesting.


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Food is a critical consideration when planning a p

Party Food Supplies

Food is a critical consideration when planning a party. Quality food ensures that your guests have good memories of your event. Below are some of the food supplies you should have at your party.

Main course

There are a variety of main course meals you can serve your guests. Your budget will determine whether you will go for simple foods or intercontinental cuisines. Below are a few tips to guide you:

  1. The number of guests will determine how much food, utensils and kitchen staff you will have at the party.
  2. Have special meals for vegetarians or people with conditions such as diabetes.
  3. For small parties, you can either cook the food or purchase it from a restaurant. However, if you have a large party, you should consider hiring a caterer.
  4. Decide how you will serve the food. Will you use reception, buffet, action stations, pre-set or hand-service?

Beverage supplies

Your kind of event will determine what kind of beverages you will have. For instance, non-alcoholic beverages are preferable for kid's parties or formal meetings. On the other hand, alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, whisky, rum and vodka may be suitable for an adult get-together. You must be creative with the drinks, do not just serve the ordinary. Try out new cocktail or juice recipes. You can also innovate with simple things such as ice cubes. Have them in different flavours such as lemon, strawberry, mint or cherry. Below are some tips to help you plan for beverage supplies:

  1. Timing. You have to be careful about when you avail the drinks. For instance, if you avail alcoholic drinks too early at a wedding, some guests may get drunk and disrupt the ceremony. 
  2. Equipment. Depending on the kind of drinks you will be serving, you may require a fridge, freezer, blender, juicer, soft serve and brewing machines.
  3. Personnel. If you plan to prepare cocktails, then you should have a mixologist at the event. High-end parties may also have a barista to ensure that the coffee is top quality.
  4. Catering. If you have different drinks at the party, then your guests may take more than one drink. As such, ensure you have sufficient cups. Besides, ensure that your guests can quickly get refills.
  5. Compliments. You can have snack food supplies such as sandwiches, biscuits, popcorn, nuts, fruits and cakes to compliment the drinks.  

When planning a party, you should make adequate preparations for what food and drinks you will serve your guests. It is vital that you are organised to ensure your guests have a good time at the event.