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Finding the perfect boot supplier is very important. I know this because when I was planning a big event to celebrate grandmas birthday, I had to find out as much as I could about food suppliers and the services they can provide. Thankfully my friend Phil was able to recommend a good supplier he had used in the past. When I gave them a call, the food supplier was really helpful and gave me all the information and advice I needed about the type of foods they could supply. I hope you find the articles on this blog enjoyable and interesting.


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3 Popular Chilli Dishes

Many people experience the pressure to cook a family meal and the worry of not making the perfect dish. Fortunately, you can use chilli to spice up the dishes you serve to your friends and family. Whatever the dish, chilli is an improving ingredient. It adds depth and flavour, without making the dish taste hot. The trick is to use chilli flakes or a paste instead of a heavy, spicy sauce.

Below are some cool ways you can use chilli when cooking.

Chilli con Carne

Chilli con Carne is a traditional South American dish that's usually made from beef, kidney beans and plenty of chillies. It's popular across the Americas, as well as in Spain and Portugal. Traditionally, it is a very simple dish, with just ingredients like chopped tomatoes and onions added for flavour. This makes it difficult to add new flavours without spoiling the classic taste. To make chilli con carne with a twist, use fresh tomatoes to make the sauce. After peeling and chopping the tomatoes, add a dash of chilli powder and fry for about five minutes. At this point, add the beef and kidney beans then add passata – a pureed version of stewed tomatoes – for extra flavour.

Chilli jam

The most popular types of chilli jam use different chillies, but they all have one thing in common: lots of chillies! To make your own hot and sweet chilli jam, start by roasting the peppers, whole. At first, just roast them in their skins, until the skins become blackened and charred. Scrape the skins away to reveal the flesh underneath. Using a sharp knife, chop the flesh into small pieces and place them inside a blender or food processor with some garlic and salt. Blend until you have a thick red paste. Strain out the skins, then add sugar and vinegar to taste.

Chilli chicken

Many people love chicken, but they often struggle to find a way to improve it. However, adding chillis is a simple way to turn plain chicken into a delicious meal. Most versions of this dish use fried chicken pieces, but you can also just cook your chicken breasts in a little oil and serve them on the side. Whatever method you use, all you need is some spicy chilli powder. Mix it with some olive or vegetable oil to make a paste. Then rub the paste all over your chicken pieces until they are coated. The cooking time depends on how many pieces of chicken you're serving, but just make sure that all the pieces are cooked before serving.

If you need to buy chilli, contact a supplier.