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Finding the perfect boot supplier is very important. I know this because when I was planning a big event to celebrate grandmas birthday, I had to find out as much as I could about food suppliers and the services they can provide. Thankfully my friend Phil was able to recommend a good supplier he had used in the past. When I gave them a call, the food supplier was really helpful and gave me all the information and advice I needed about the type of foods they could supply. I hope you find the articles on this blog enjoyable and interesting.


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Super-Hot Chillies You Can Buy to Spice up Your Restaurant's Menu

Chilli is more popular than ever, and this can be attributed to the numerous challenge videos online that are based on who can eat the hottest chilli. And if you are looking for a way to bolster your restaurant's patrons, you may want to incorporate the chilli craze into your menu and possibly hold challenges with some chilli dishes to create a buzz about your eatery! However, not just any chilli will work. You need to know which chillies have the highest Scoville levels but will still be tasty enough to consume. To make your quest easier, here is a brief list of super-hot chillies that you can buy to spice up your restaurant's menu.

Ghost pepper

The ghost pepper is the top choice for YouTubers carrying out a chilli challenge. This pepper is renowned for its high heat and had the title of the hottest type of chilli in the world for several years! Ghost peppers are a hybrid of the C. frutescens and the C. chinense types of chilli that originate from India, but it is readily available from a majority of chilli suppliers in Australia, usually in the form of seeds. Ghost peppers go well with fish or pork, so you can choose to make a signature dish with this type of chilli. You could also incorporate the ghost pepper in chutneys that your customers can use as a flavour enhancer for their food!

Butch T

Also known as the Trinidad Scorpion pepper, Butch T is another popular type of chilli that is great for meals. The chilli is one of the hottest types in the world, and it is never recommended to eat is raw since the experience will be purely painful. However, when the Butch T is well prepared, it is characterised by the full-bodied flavour that makes it a great addition to most meals. Locally available in Aussie, you can incorporate this chilli in jams or a puree to add a kick to foods that are typically sweet. Butch T is also wonderful for meats, especially if you are cooking a curry dish!

Carolina Reaper

As the name implies, this chilli was crossbred in South Carolina but has garnered global fame for its high Scoville level. The chilli itself has a vivid red colour that can be taken to imply its very strong sting once ingested. But it remains a top choice in chilli competitions the world over. It should be noted that eating a whole (or more) Carolina reaper can lead to hallucinations and possible stomach distress. When used in reasonable amounts, though, the Carolina Reaper is perfect for salsas or a base sauce for your signature meals.

For more information and tips on how to buy chilli, contact your local food suppliers.